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Bloodhound Tracking Device


The Journal of Commerce reported in May 2023 that shippers say “the more than $1.4 billion of venture capital invested into freight visibility providers over the last five years has not yet translated into transformative outcomes for users."

“Supply chain visibility is only effective if the data is complete, accurate and timely,” a commodities shipper (quoted by the Journal of Commerce) who has used multiple visibility solutions said. “These applications fall short on all three categories.”

“I just want the data,” the logistics director at a large US tire manufacturer said. “I don’t need a dashboard and I don’t need a map. I have a team that can visualize things in Tableau. Just give me data I can rely upon.”

The data quality issues are especially acute in container terminals, where status events are often conveyed out of sequence or days late. One shipper suggested the problem lies with the divergence in data that’s directly generated by an ocean carrier, which is generally good, and information sourced indirectly by third parties and fed into the visibility platforms, which is generally inadequate.