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Bloodhound Tracking Device


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What is the Bloodhound Tracking System

The Bloodhound Tracking Device (BTD) is a non-parasitic, non-interfering system; commonly referred to as a “black box” and a Communications/Software Hub providing real time data to users/Customs and ultimate consignees.

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Precise location and status of individual ISO containers

Worldwide & On-Demand

BTD, at a minimum, provides worldwide, on demand, precise location and status of individual ISO ocean containers.

Always On

BTD detects and reports changes in environment to include temperature, humidity, internal noise, air pressure, and ambient air composition.

Designed for the real world

Extremely low power and ruggedized for maritime and airborne environments.

Container Monitoring & Detection

The Bloodhound Tracking Device continually monitors and detects conditions inside the container for the following:

  • Radiologic detection and identification
  • Chemical detection and identification
  • Geolocation
  • Environmental conditions
  • Open/close detection
  • Internal IR and visible imagery
  • Life sign detection
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Container Monitoring & Detection
Realtime & Ad-Hoc Global Communication

Realtime & Ad-Hoc Global Communication

BTD provides a delay/disruption tolerant network (DTN) with an ad-hoc mesh network matched with neighbor detection/identification.  The BTD signal is extremely difficult to intercept and/or detect (LPI/LPD) and is statistically un-hackable.

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Unique & Superior Track & Trace System

Proprietary Communications Protocol

Setting BTD apart from all other “track and trace” systems in the market space is its use of a proprietary communications protocol and networking technique that enables the signal to “escape the ship, the stack, the train” even if the ISO container cannot “see the sky.”

Near Real-Time Communications

The BTD has the ability to take advantage of commercially available terrestrial, airborne or space-based communications assets to ensure accurate near real time message delivery from any spot on the globe to BTD’s Communications Hub (CONOPS Center).

Cloud Scalability & Reliability

Coupled with BTD superior command, control, and operations software (CONOPS is hosted in the cloud), the BTD will become the standard benchmark in “track and trace” capability, operations, and supportability.

What is Bloodhound Tracking Device’s Secret Sauce?

  • BTD is the ONLY patented clandestine track and trace and sniff device in the market today.
  • BTD is the ONLY patented unit able to transmit information from inside the box to outside the box for communications.
  • BTD is the ONLY track and trace and sniff device offered 100% on a subscription basis only (no CAPEX).
  • BTD is the ONLY patented device to use Disruptive Tolerant Network (DTN), which offers 100% comms capable.

Value Proposition

Let the Bloodhound Tracking Device do the heavy lifting

Cargo owners and logistics service providers deploying BTD gain access to the precise position and state of the cargo allowing accurate prediction of cargo availability to better inform production or sales.

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