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Who is Bloodhound?

Learn about our founders and leadership behind the device.

IMS Worldwide, Inc.

IMS Worldwide Inc. is a best-in-class consultancy with over 46 years’ experience in Customs security, US Customs regulatory and security processes via ocean and rail/truck transport. CEO Curtis Spencer gave the very first live update to then CBP Commissioner Robert Bonner on “Devices/systems to secure the supply chain” in March of 2002, right after 9/11 as the COAC’s first sub-committee on Securing the Supply Chain was formed after the crisis. Steve Schellenberg VP was selected to the team for Operation Safe Commerce for newly formed DHS , and detailed a complex General Motors supply chain, covering over 16 different custody transfer points in 5 different countries to assist DHS and CBP in understanding how multi-country supply chains work.

Steve later led (2006) CBP’s first ever external CTPAT validator training session on supply chains and custody transfers in Custom’s HQ for CBP’s Supply chain validation team, when Spencer was a 4-year member of the COAC (2004-4008).

Mr. Spencer has been at the forefront of searching for this technology that had the right price, right comms and right science to get the job done for Shippers, Carriers and CUSTOMS, however it wasn’t until we engaged with farSight Technologies (aka rocket scientists) that these dreams became reality!

IMS Worldwide Inc. has the reputation, experience and know-how within the Logistics/Supply Chain world that spans 46 years of C-Suite consulting. Fortune 100’s to 1,000’s put their trust in IMSW for multiple layers of Global Supply Chain/Customs consulting in a world that has become completely dependent on global sourcing. Regardless of anyone’s attempt to shrink the global supply footprint, it hasn’t happened, and it will not happen, at least for the next 100 years. Therefore, Global Supply Chain security, which is where IMSW has “lived” for over 40 years, is exactly what Bloodhound is designed to protect.

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farSight Technologies, LLC

farSight Technologies LLC is a unique engineering and science development and advisory firm supporting industry and Government clients in space systems, ISR, C3I, electric plasma propulsion, remote sensing, atmospheric and heliophysics research, and technology identification and maturation for various US Government operators acting in clandestine or contested physical, electromagnetic, cyber, and spectrum environments. Recognized as the “platinum standard” firm providing solutions to challenges “said to be impossible,” farSight’s domain of expertise spans from underwater and underground to deep space, from military applications through scientific research, and includes nearly every element of instrument, payload, vehicle, data system, communications, networking, and mission system design, integration, test, and operations. Blending decades of engineering and deployed operations experience allows Farsight to enable vital missions in space exploration, Homeland Security, Defense, National Security, Intelligence, disaster preparation and recovery, disadvantaged communication and denied or contested environments. Operating in the niche of unique and “one off” systems where the technology is cutting edge, the timeframes are short, and the pace is quick is where Farsight excels.

CEO William Anderson has 40 years of experience as an expert in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance with many years of operational missions during both peacetime and wartime. Mr. Anderson’s non-operational experience includes business development and business strategy planning and execution, technical requirements definition, architecture design, system planning and development, systems integration, and system enhancements and upgrades. Mr. Anderson experience includes work at NASA as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) with regard to specific and unique policies and operational concerns; WB-57 high altitude scientific research aircraft the integration and testing of various Multiple Intelligence, cutting edge sensor payloads and communication systems.

CTO Jason Soloff has over 25 years’ experience in space, communications, sensing, instrumentation, and aeronautics technology development, integration, and operations across government, academia, and industry. Mr. Soloff served multiple assignments with NASA and was frequently seconded to other government organizations within the DoD and IC where his positions included assignments as a staff engineer in the Microwave & Communication Systems Branch of the Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Senior Communications and Networks Engineer of the Avionics Systems Division of the Johnson Space Center, and as the lead of the Avionics & Communications Office for the Constellation Program with responsibility for the design and implementation of the United States’ next generation space communications networking architecture. Mr. Soloff led NASA’s technical development of Disruption Tolerant Networking including working with the international community (CCSDS, IEEE, IETF) to achieve international interoperability standards for DTN and the replacement of the International Space Station payload network with a DTN-based architecture. In essence, Mr. Soloff wrote the book for NASA on DTN.

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Value Proposition

Let the Bloodhound Tracking Device do the heavy lifting

Cargo owners and logistics service providers deploying BTD gain access to the precise position and state of the cargo allowing accurate prediction of cargo availability to better inform production or sales.

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